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These are the individual squares that make up the chess board. Only the black spaces though, the white space were just random simple designs done is silver sharpie.


These pictures below are showings of my finished project simply called,”The Chess Board”. I drew all of it in sharpie and did the coloring with pen ink, it was all done on this wooden structure covering my stairs. I will say that it was very tedious work and the result of this going to be made into a table and be sold. I also only named it “The Chess Board” because by the time it was done my mind was so strung out from it that I couldn’t put anymore thought towards the name of it.

I did this one when I was on my way to Spain, a little bit while in Spain, some in the airport of Frankfurt, and then the rest on my nineteen hour flight back to Houston. I thought it was cool, but the ink didn’t work well at all on the paper so it was hard to draw and the ink didn’t dry so it smeared. But I still think it looks cool, also the German guy sitting next to me said it looked it evil so that the only feedback I have on it.

Before you being to look at these, remember that all these pictures were done throughout high school for me, so of them are pretty bad looking. I’m yet to release my new work because it’s taking a while to finish them all. But, here they are with a small description of each of them. Please enjoy and give me any feedback negative or positive. All these were done on what ever pieces of paper I found suitable and done with only a few different pens.

Call me Existalone, this profile was made a while back and never bothered to make a new one. But, here I will display all of my works or art.